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For the convenience of not having to run around to the cleaners, and the quality of a world-class dry cleaning operation, you’d probably expect to pay a premium to enjoy our service.  Not so!  If you are familiar with dry cleaning prices in Overland Park, Leawood, east Olathe, and Prairie Village, you’ll see that our prices are very competitive.

Our routes serve Johnson County, Kansas, including Overland Park, Leawood, east Olathe, and Prairie Village.  Starting service is easy, just click here.

Standard Price List*

All prices include pick-up and delivery.  

Dry Cleaning

  • Laundered men’s dress shirts: $2.76
  • Pants: $7.18
  • Suits (2-piece): $15.37
  • Blouses/hand-pressed shirts/golf shirts: $6.99
  • Skirts/sweaters: $6.99
  • Dresses:  $15.51
  • Dresses (formal):  $29.99
  • Outer coat, short length:  $17.96
  • Outer coat, long length:  $19.95
  • Comforters (queen):  $35.99 
  • Tablecloths:  $27.99 

Laundry Wash & Fold

Your “non-dry cleaning” clothes, washed and folded.  This is so convenient, you’ll almost feel guilty!  Pick-up and delivery is free. There is a 16 lb. minimum for every order.

Per lb:  $1.88

Monthly wash & fold plans.  If you want to use our wash & fold on a regular basis, you can save money with a monthly plan.  Pick the big one if you want all of your laundry done by us.  Pick the little one if you need some help each month with your “overflow”.  A normal load of laundry is about 13-17 lbs.

Monthly Plans:

  1. $51.04 for 30 lbs per month
  2. $79.51 for 50 lbs per month
  3. $143.94 for 100 lbs per month

Here’s how the monthly plans work:

We bill you at the start of the month for the plan you select.  Then, you use up the pounds during the month.  Unused pounds do not carry over to the next month.  If you exceed your plan during the month, the additional pounds used will be billed to you at the rate of $1.84/lb.  We will automatically renew your plan each month.  If you want to change or cancel your plan for the next upcoming month, you must contact us.

UGG boots

Boot style:  $39.99

Long style:  $44.99

Slipper Style:  $29.99

Please allow for additional time to clean.  Also, we require the same consent to clean UGG boots as other leather or suede items.  Click here for that information.


Lab Coats and scrubs service

We serve hospitals, clinics,  dental offices, medical offices, veterinarian clinics, and other professional locations in Overland Park, Olathe, and Leawood, Kansas.  Unlike the large linen or uniform companies, we do not require long-term contracts.   And unlike the linen and uniform companies, we pretreat the stains and individually inspect each item.  Also at your office, we can provide three services from one company:  

All prices include pick-up and delivery.

  • Short length lab coats:       $6.95
  • Medium length lab coats:  $7.95
  • Long length lab coats:        $8.95
  • Scrubs (commercially laundered and returned on hangers):  $4.50 per piece

Shoe Repair and Shine

We offer expert shoe repair and shoe shine, taking care of yet another annoying errand for you!  Don’t wear a cleaned and pressed pair of pants with dirty, scuffed up shoes with worn-out heels.  That’s a bad look.  Shoe shines are “next day” turnaround.

  • Shoe Shine:         $9.50 per pair
  • Boot Shine:          $12.50 per pair
  • Replace heels:                            $35.00 per pair.  Includes a complimentary shoe shine.
  • Replace 1/2 sole and heels:  $65.00 per pair.  Includes a complimentary shoe shine.
  • Replace full sole:                       $85.00 per pair.  Includes a complimentary shoe shine.
  • Replace women’s heels:          $13 – $20 per pair.  Includes a complimentary shoe shine.

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* These are prices as of December 2017, are for standard items and are subject to change.  Prices do not include taxes/state fee.  Specialty items that require additional care/cleaning may be slightly higher.

We use industry standard terms and conditions for service.  Please take a moment to read them here.  Thanks.


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