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Moms: Are you lazy if you use our wash and fold service?

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Are you lazy if you use a wash & fold service for your laundry?  It seems that a lot of people have that impression.  You can just hear the conversation, “You mean to tell me that there are people (moms) out there who won’t even wash their own clothes?!  Wow!  They should be ashamed of themselves.”

I’d like to counter that sentiment.

Laundry typically is a task accomplished by women and moms.  There’s nothing wrong with that, although I believe that guys are just as capable of doing the laundry.  There is nothing inherently feminine about taking care of one’s clothing.

However, I would like to consider other tasks around the home that are typically associated with men, and yet are outsourced.  Replacing a food disposal, for example.  This task is not hard.  It takes very few tools.  There are dozens of videos and webpages devoted to instructing the most hapless adult how to complete this easily.  Yet MANY men will call a plumber to replace their disposal.  Why?  Most of the reasons sound something like these:

“I don’t have time to mess with this.”

“I’m not that handy.”

“This is a big job.”

“I just don’t like projects like this.”

“It’s hard for me to get under the sink.  I’m not as flexible as I used to be, and this is a hard task.”

“I’d rather spend the money for someone else to mess with it.”

“It’s not that expensive to hire a plumber to take care of it.”

Any of these may be valid reasons.  Or not.  It depends on the person and the situation.  But NO ONE will have a knee-jerk reaction, accusing the man who hires a plumber for a basic repair to be “lazy” -even if he IS lazy.

Why is it any different for women who chose to spend their money on a laundry service?  They gained TIME in return.  And they gained physical ENERGY that they can devote toward other things.  And they gained SANITY, because their laundry piles went away.  And they gained JOY because they eliminated a chore that seems to never end.

Once, I spoke with a customer of ours who uses our dry cleaning pick-up and delivery service.  Knowing that she had several kids at home, I asked her if she would be interested in our wash & fold laundry service.  She immediately responded that her husband would never go for that additional expense.  I didn’t say anything, but I was amazed.  This family lives in a 5000 square foot, million dollar home in southern Johnson County (no exaggeration).  The lawn is perfectly -and professionally -manicured.  The husband has no problem outsourcing what typically would be HIS task:  lawn maintenance.  But he’s unwilling to outsource his wife’s most hated chore, freeing up several hours of her time every week?  That seems a little unfair, don’t you think?  By the way, the cost for laundry service isn’t even that much.  For about $150 per month, most families can get all of their laundry professionally washed, dried, and folded…..WITH FREE PICK-UP AND DELIVERY!!

Moms, if you are thinking about using our very convenient, sanity-saving, top quality, and reasonably priced wash & fold laundry service, don’t let anyone tell you that you are lazy.

If you would like to use our wash & fold service, click here!

P.S.  Our service is not only used by smart moms.  Plenty of smart men also use our service.


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